Challenging season opener for Veiby

24. Jan. 2018

Ole Christian Veiby starts a new rally season with the legendary Rallye Monte-Carlo. He participates at the event for the third time in his career and expects it to be a tough start of the season.

 The Norwegian rally talent has a very exciting season as a works driver for Skoda Motorsport in front of him. The most important and biggest goal of the season is the WRC2 championship. But at this weekend’s Rallye Monte-Carlo, he does not compete for points.

“This rally is almost more difficult and unpredictable than its reputation says. And that really tells it all. In one stage we can experience dry tarmac, sections with snow and ice. Experience is extremely important at Monte. I have done this event two times before and did the reconnaissance last year. Still, I feel a bit unsure of what we will face” he said.  

The 21-year-old from the city of Kongsvinger is accompanied by Stig Rune Skjærmoen in the co-driver’s seat. They drive a Skoda Fabia R5, which at this event is run by Wevers, with support from Skoda Motorsport. They have completed two great test days on three different roads.

“The test was very valuable and we got to test in conditions similar to those that await us. I feel that we are as prepared as can be” he said ahead of the rally that kicks off with a 30 km stage in the dark on Thursday evening.

Three years ago, he made his Rallye Monte-Carlo debut and finished third in the WRC3 category, while he the year after won the same class. This year he competes in the WRC2 class for the first time at Monte.

“It is a unique and demanding event that requires a lot of experience to succeed. For us it is about learning as much as possible and get to the finish of the rally. Those who finish the event without incidents, has done very well. It is also about being clever and make the right tyre choices – something that is very important here” said Ole.  

He has his own ice note crew that provides him with information that comes in handy when choosing the right tyres.

“They drive through the stages a couple of hours before the stage starts and give us feedback on how the roads are and help us decide what tyres to go with” he explained.

Although Ole is not focused on anything but getting through the rally and gain experience, the Skoda driver admits that he wants to show speed on some stage.

There are some dry tarmac stages where you can push. I intend to pick a few stages where I will try to go fast. But the most important thing is to complete the event, Ole pointed out.

Time schedule Rallye Monte-Carlo 2018


Wednesday 24 January

16:00   Shakedown     Gap (3,35km)


Thursday 25 January

21:43   SS1      Thoard-Sisteron (36,69km)

22:51   SS2      Bayons-Breziers 1 (25,49km)

23:56   FlexiService Gap


Friday 26 January

08:51   SS3      Vitrolles-Oze 1 (26,72km)

10:04   SS4      Roussieux-Eygalayes 1 (30,54km)

11:37   SS5      Vaumeilh-Claret 1 (15,18km)

12:52   Service Gap

13:58   SS6      Vitrolles-Oze 2 (26,72km)

15:11   SS7      Roussieux-Eygalayes 2 (30,54km)

16:44   SS8      Vaumeilh-Claret 2 (15,18km)

17:49   FlexiService Gap


Saturday 27 January

08:08   SS9      Agnieres en Devoluy-Corps 1 (29,16km)

09:16   SS10    St Leger Les Melezes-La Batie Neuve 1 (16,87km)

10:31   Service Gap

11:57   SS11    Agnieres en Devoluy-Corps 2 (29,16km)

13:08   SS12    St Leger les Melezes-La Batie Neuve 2 (16,87km)

14:23   Service Gap

16:09   SS13    Bayons-Breziers 2 (25,49km)

17:29   Service Gap

22:17   Parc Fermé Monaco


Sunday 28 January

08:32   SS14    La Bollene Vesubie-Peira Cava (18,41km)

09:08   SS15    La Cabanette-Col de Braus (13,58km)

10:55   SS16    La Bollene Vesubie-Peira Cava (18,41km)

12:18   SS17    La Cabanette-Col de Braus (13,58km) Power Stage