Outstanding performance by Veiby at Sardinia

10. Jun. 2018

Ole Christian Veiby really proved his strength when he today finished second in the WRC2 category at Rally Italia Sardegna. The 21-year-old Norwegian won 11 of the 20 stages and would probably have taken the win if it wasn’t for the mechanical issues on Friday.

Veiby were leading the WRC2 category on Friday afternoon when a wishbone and drive-shaft caused a huge time loss in the afternoon. Before it happened, the youngster was leading with nearly half a minute ahead of Jan Kopecky, who won in the end.

– When that happened, it was all about setting a new target. They guys in the team were optimistic and we saw there was a possibility to get back up to third. That was our plan when we started Saturday, holding 8th and more than 3 minutes behind the podium. We didn’t have much to lose, so we just went for it. I was not sure it would be possible, but we tried.

It clearly worked. They were fastest through six of Saturday’s seven stages, and ended the day third. Suddenly second position was in reach, it was only 28 seconds up to P2.

– At the end of Saturday, we decided to go for P2, it felt good in the car and we had a good rhythm all day.

The young Skoda-driver continued the brilliant work on Sunday, and before the final stage he had climbed to second in the classification. In total Veiby and Skjærmoen won 11 of the 20 stages.

– This really feels like a victory! It’s hard to compare rallies, but this is one of my best performances ever. We were fastest on more than half of the stages, and a lot faster than our competitors. We gave it all and it worked out!

WRC2 classification Rally Italia Sardegna

1 Kopecky

2 Veiby +3.02,6

3 Ciamin +3.18,7

4 Andolfi  +6.32,2

5 Pieniazek +7.11,3