Ready for tarmac and speed at ADAC Rallye Deutschland

15. Aug. 2018

Ole Christian Veiby has shaken off the crash in Finland and is ready for some serious speed at Rallye Deutschland.

Luckily it’s not often that rally drivers experience crashes as brutal as the one that Ole Christian Veiby and his co-driver Stig Rune Skjærmoen had at the previous WRC round. But the Norwegians are not that easily scared and were quickly back in the rally car again.

“We had a test on Friday and Saturday and I think it went really well. We just jumped right back into the car and things worked immediately” said the Skoda driver, who participates at Rallye  Deutschland as a privateer with Finnish team Printsport running the car. Knowing that they won’t compete for championship points, takes the pressure off a bit.

“I have only done the German WRC round once before and that’s why it’s important to get more experience from the event. It’s a very demanding tarmac rally. Since we’re not competing for championship points, we can do our own race and focus on improving our skills on tarmac” said Ole.

“Every WRC round is unique, but the German one is definitely something special. If it begins to rain, it will be extra challenging” he said.

The 22-year-old explained that they will face many different kinds of roads during the weekend.

“Friday’s stages take us through vineyards in the Mosel valley, while we on Saturday reach the daunting Panzerplatte area with concrete roads. On Sunday the rally wraps up with tarmac roads in the forests” said Ole.

Although it’s a difficult event, he describes it as a cool and outstanding rally that is enjoyable to drive.

“I think we’ve taken big steps forward on tarmac this year. Previously I’ve felt that it was hard to fight for top times, but this season we are in the game. It’s fun to be in the battle for stage wins also on tarmac” said the rally talent.

Time schedule Rallye Deutschland 2018


Thursday 16 August  

08:00   Shakedown (5,52km)

19:08   SS1 Super Special Stage St. Wendel (2,04km)

Friday 17 August  

10:11   SS2 Stein und Wein 1 (19,44km)

11:05   SS3 Mittelmosel 1 (22,00km)

12:53   SS4 Wadern-Weiskirchen 1 (9,27km)

14:13   Service Bostalsee

15:39   SS5 Stein und Wein 2 (19,44km)

16:33   SS6 Mittelmosel 2 (22,00km)

18:21   SS7 Wadern-Weiskirchen 2 (9,27km)

19:21   Flexi Service Bostalsee

Saturday 18 August  

08:48   SS8 Arena Panzerplatte 1 (9,43km)

09:15   SS9 Panzerplatte 1 (38,57km)

11:03   SS10 Freisen 1 (14,78km)

12:06   SS11 Römerstrasse 1 (12,28km)

13:40   Service Bostalsee

15:08   SS12 Arena Panzerplatte 2 (9,43km)

15:35   SS13 Panzerplatte 2 (38,57km)

17:23   SS14 Freisen 2 (14,78km)

18:26   SS15 Römerstrasse 2 (12,28km)

19:40   Flexi Service Bostalsee

Sunday 19 August  

07:49   SS16 Grafschaft 1 (29,07km)

09:42   SS17 Grafschaft 2 (29,07km)

12:18   SS18 Bosenberg (14,04km)