Strong performance and 3rd for Veiby at Aurskog-Høland Rally

18. Jun. 2017

Aurskog-Høland Rally turned out to be an exciting battle for the top spots from the very first stage, Ole Christian Veiby showed promising pace with being in the close battle and setting several fastest stage times.

This was the first outing for this event for Ole Christian, who also turned 21 yesterday. Before the event he said it would be a perfect birthday if he could celebrate with a victory, and all through the day he was in close battles for the top spots.

– We’ve been in close battles with Eyvind Brynildsen all day, and it’s been a lot of fun. It’s been so close that we have been fighting for tenths of a second on almost every stage. But with the high speeds you also easily drop down on the leader board if you make the smallest mistake, and a stall on SS8 saw us drop 2 seconds to the lead.


Coming in to service Ole Christian and co-driver Stig Rune were still P2 in the overall classification, 7 seconds behind. It was now time to give it an extra push.


– We decided to go for an extra push after service, and threw out almost everything from the car and went for it. Took back a few seconds on the first stage after service, and continued with good pace. Everything went well, until a puncture five kilometers before the finish line on SS10, and we lost close to 25 seconds.


Ole Christian and Stig Rune finished the event in a strong third position, and is now second in the Norwegian Driver Standings.


– It’s been such a fantastic day, and the performance here are on the same level as in the WRC2. It felt as good as a stage-win at Sardegna to be the fastest car through a stage, if not better. Being in a fight all day was so inspiring and it’s an amazing feeling to drive with maximum push all the way.


Top 10 Aurskog-Høland Rally 2017

1.Eyvind Brynildsen/ Anders Julius Fredriksson, KNA Varna/ Årjängs MK, Ford Fiesta R5

2.Frank Tore Larsen/ Torstein Eriksen, NMK Modum & Sigdal, Ford Fiesta R5 +0:23,1

3.Ole Christian Veiby/ Stig Rune Skjærmoen, KNA Solør Msp/NMK Elverum, Skoda Fabia R5+ 0:34,1

4.Bernt Kollevold/ Ove Johnny Andersen, Asker og Bærum Motorsport, Toyota Celica ST205 +2:10,1

5.Steve Røkland/ Martin Holmdahl, KNA Kongsvinger/ MK Ran Askersund, Subaru Impreza STI +2:20,5

6.Frank Sørhaug/ Dag Sandbekkbråten, NMK Aurskog-Høland, Subaru Impresa +3:03,4

7.Kenneth Johnsrød/Eirik Borge, Asker og Bærum Motorsport, Mitsubishi Evo IXE +3:04,2

8.Pål Vetle Try/ Lars Wilhelm Andersen, KAK, Ford Fiesta R5 3:16,3

9.Christian August Selmer/Anita Selmer, Asker og Bærum Motorsport, Ford Fiesta R5 +3:47,0

10.Ole Gunnar Skogli/ Raymond Braaten, NMK Nore og Uvdal/ NMK Aurskog-Høland, Ford Sierra Cosworth +3:49,0


Photo: KL Media/ Morten K Larsen