Tough challenge awaits Veiby – Rally Germany

17. Aug. 2016

Ole Christian Veiby has a new and tough challenge ahead of him. The rally talent considers the WRC round in Germany the most difficult event of the season. 

Rally Germany is the fourth round of this year’s Junior World Rally Championship (JWRC). The Norwegian 20-year-old comes to Germany filled with confidence after his victory in the previous event in Finland, but he is well aware that the first tarmac rally of the season will be a demanding event.


“I have never participated in Rally Germany before, but I did the recce last year and that gives me a hint of what to expect. This is by no means a traditional tarmac rally. It is more like three different rallies in one event. One day we drive through vineyards, another day in a military area with a surface of rough concrete and tarmac, and on the last day there are more traditional tarmac stages in the forest. In other words, three very different days” said Ole, who drives a Citröen DS3 R3T, run by the Finnish team Printsport.


Together with co-driver Stig Rune Skjærmoen, he has prepared throughly for the rally. They have spent many hours in front of the computer screen while studying inboard footage from the German stages.


“There are many changes in speed, tight hairpins and narrow roads through the vineyards. We have an advantage in the fact that very few of our competitors have experience from this event so we should pretty much even in that matter” he pointed out.


After his vicory at the last JWRC round, Ole climbed to second place in the overall standings and is starting to close up on leading Simone Tempestini.


“I think we will fight in the top, but it will be exciting to see how fast the Frenchmen are when they get tarmac under their tyres. They are usually more comfortable on tarmac than gravel. My main goal is to get more points in order to evertually catch Tempestini” said Ole, who got a couple of test days on tarmac ahead of the event.


“I had not driven on tarmac since Monte Carlo in January and it felt like ages ago. I think tarmac rallies are a lot of fun and now I’m crossing my fingers that it will not rain, because that would make Rally Germany an even tougher challenge” he said.

Time schedule Rally Germany 18 – 21 August 2016


Thursday 18 August

09:30                 Shakedown, Konz                     (4,55km)


Friday 19 August

10:06                 SS1 Mittelmosel 1 (22,00km)

10:44                 SS2 Moselland 2 (23,38km)

Service Messepark

14:58                 SS3 Mittelmosel 2 (22,00km)

15:35                 SS4 Moselland 2 (23,38km)

18:12                 SS5 SSS Ollmuth (8,21km)


Saturday 20 August
08:15                 SS6 Freisen-Westrich 1 (14,73km)

08:41                 SS7 Bosenberg 1 (14,45km)

10:17                 SS8 Panzerplatte 1 (2,87km)

10:28                 SS9 Panzerplatte 2 (2,87km)

10:46                 SS10 Panzerplatte Lang 1 (40,80km)

Service Messepark

15:28                 SS11 Freisen-Westrich 2 (14,73km)

15:54                 SS12 Bosenberg 2 (14,45km)

17:30                 SS13 Panzerplatte 3 (2,87km)

17:48                 SS14 Panzerplatte Lang (40,80km)


Sunday 21 August

07:13                 SS15 Dhrontal 1 (14,79km)

08:42                 SS16 Sauertal 1 (14,84km)

09:47                 SS17 Dhrontal 2 (14,79km)

12:08                 SS18 Sauertal 2 PowerStage (14,84km)

15:00                 Podium