Veiby ready for Polish speed fest

28. Jun. 2017

Ole Christian Veiby is mentally prepared that Rally Poland will be a speed fest out of the ordinary. “Together with Rally Finland, the Polish event is the fastest WRC round. I need to pump myself up before the rally” he said.



 The WRC round in Poland is the Formula 1 of rallying. The cars show an incredibly high pace on the Polish gravel roads and the organizers have had to put up chicanes in many places to decrease the speed.


“This is a really fun rally to drive. I participated for the first time last year and I’m looking forward to doing it again this year” said Ole Christian Veiby, who is accompanied by Stig Rune Skjærmoen in the co-driver’s seat. They are prepared for high speed this weekend.


“The previous WRC round was in Sardinia and that is a completely different rally. It was all about ‘driving cleanly’ through the stages and look after the car on the rough roads. You can definitely say that Sardinia and Poland are two extremes, and you need to pump yourself up for what you are going to face. Here we need to push from start” said Ole.


They had a good test on Monday, and the 21-year-old is optimistic ahead of the event. With a second place in the WRC 2 category in Sardinia and competitive speed in his body, Ole starts the rally full of confidence.


“We have found a good setup on the car that I think works and we are well prepared. Our target is to finish on the podium, although the competition is way tougher in Poland than what we had in Sardinia” said Ole.


In order to succeed in finishing among the top three, he needs to avoid incidents like last year when he lost second place in the JWRC due to a broken driveshaft – but still finished third.


“Even though we made our debut here last year, I think we did well. I really like this event. Just like Andreas Mikkelsen, I see this as one of my favorite rallies. It is the whole package that makes it what it is, everything from the atmosphere, fun stages and it is a compact and enjoyable format” said Ole.



Time schedule Rally Poland


Thursday 29 June

19:08 SS1     Super Special Stage Mikolajki Arena 1 (2,50km)


Friday 30 June

07:15 SS2     Chmielewo 1 (6,52km)

09:00 SS3     Wieliczki 1 (15,96km)

09:55 SS4     Swietajno 1 (19,60km)

10:40 SS5     Stare Juchy 1 (13,50km)

12:40 Service

13:45 SS6     Chmielewo 2 (6,52km)
15:30 SS7     Wieliczki 2 (15,96km)

16:25 SS8     Swietajno 2 (19,60km)

17:10 SS9     Stare Juchy 2 (13,50km)

19:08 SS10   Super Special Stage Mikolajki Arena 2 (2,50km)

19:28 Service


Saturday 1 July  

08:08 SS11   Baranowo 1 (15,55km)

09:20 SS12   Pozezdrze 1 (24,98km)

10:45 SS13   Goldap 1 (14,75km)

11:35 SS14   Kruklanki 1 (19,58km)

13:12 Service

14:08 SS15   Baranowo 2 (15,55km)

15:20 SS16   Pozezdrze 2 (24,28km)

16:45 SS17   Goldap 2 (14,75km)

17:35 SS18   Kruklanki 2 (19,58km)

19:30 SS19   Super Special Stage Mikolajki 3 (2,50km)

19:50 Service


Sunday 2 July  

08:10 SS20   Orzysz 1 (11,15km)

09:08 SS21   Paprotki 1 (18,68km)

10:45 SS22   Orzysz 2 (11,15km)

12:18 SS23   Paprotki 2 Power Stage (18,68km)

13:40 Service

14:30 Podium Mikolajki Main Square